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Promoting Laughter Yoga Around the World

Mr. Sudhakar Ingle has worked around the world promoting teamwork over the last 40 years. He traveled to Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, UK, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, and many other places in the U.S. He has conducted many seminars and training classes using his books and videos. With the help of Mr. Mahesh Nihalani, he formed the Laughter Yoga Club at Priya Living, Santa Clara, CA. He has also conducted Laughter Yoga Sessions at senior centers as well as in high schools. He continues to promote the Laughter Yoga philosophy.

Mr. Ingle offers the following services:

Conducting Laughter Yoga sessions on Zoom

In-person seminars (1hr/day)

How to use this book effectively

How to play modified Laughter Yoga Games

Please contact Mr. Ingle through:

Email: sudingle1@gmail.com

Or mail to

Address: 1375 Civic Center Dr, Apt. 2, Santa Clara, CA, 95050