Meet the Author

Mr. Sudhakar Ingle

The idea of writing the book came to the author after watching a number of videos on Laughter Yoga. While researching for the written material, the author could not find many resources. Hence, the author decided to write this book and share with the readers his experiences with laughter Yoga at Priya Living in Santa Clara, CA. He has been practicing Laughter Yoga at Priya Living for more than two and a half years. many people helped the author directly and indirectly to make our process successful.

After completing a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from India, the author came to the USA in August 1965. He attended Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana and received a master's degree in industrial engineering. He worked in the industry for 15 years.

After visiting Japan several times, he implemented the quality circles process (teamwork) at Mercury Marine, Brunswick Corp. in 1975. Based on the experience and success of the teamwork philosophy, he wrote his first book called Quality Circles Master Guide published by Prentice Hall. The book became a "must read" for businesses as well as producing C.D.s and videos to promote teamwork and productivity improvements. His wife, Neelima Ingle, was instrumental in the writing and publishing of these books as well as producing materials. Later, the author and his wife founded the consulting company known as Statistical Q.C. Services and published a quarterly magazine called Q.C. Trends. He traveled around the world for many years teaching and consulting in India, Japan, Singapore, Canada, Malaysia, Mexico, Brazil, U.K., Germany, France, and many other countries. His wife also assisted and presented in a number of these seminars and lectures.

The author moved to Priya Living three years ago and began his Laughter Yoga practice soon after his arrival. Mr. Mahesh Nihalani gave the author inspiration to do something different for seniors. This book is a compilation of a number of Laughter Yoga exercises created here at Priya Living as well as based on a number of videos published on YouTube. Dr. Madan Kataria and a number of videos on the subject are shown on YouTube. They were very helpful to the author. However, line drawings and the descriptions of the exercises are the creation of the author, Mr. Ingle, who resides at Priya Living in Santa Clara, CA.

Mr. Ingle has published the following books:

Quality Service Master Guide (Published by Prentice Hall)

In Search of Perfection (Published by Prentice Hall)

Quality Circles in Service Industries (Published by Gulf and Western)

Laughter Yoga Club

Mr. Ingle conducts Laughter Yoga every week at the Priya Living Center in Sata Clara, California.